Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Wine Picks from our Blog!

Sure, you might think pairing wine with Thanksgiving is a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be! There is such a wide variety of foods, from turkey (white and dark meat) to sweet potatoes to stuffing. The trick is to find wines that are versatile, so the wine and food compliment each other, elevating both the flavors of the wine and food.

To you red-wine drinkers: Take a break from your cabernet if that's your usual suspect. Lighter varietals like Pinot Noir compliment well without overpowering the dishes. To you white-wine drinkers: You're in luck, white wines are easier to match with Thanksgiving foods. This might also open you up to the lighter bodied reds that you wouldn't normally think of trying! To everyone: This could be an opportunity to expand your palates!

Many of these wines are widely distributed, so you should be able to find them. If not, try something similar! Rhode Islanders, no excuses! You should be able to find these everywhere!

2008 St. Ludwin Riesling - Our top pick for Thanksgiving. This riesling will stand up to the wide variety of delicious dishes on Turkey day! Even white wine naysayers will enjoy this wine. Bursting with flavor!

2009 A to Z Pinot Noir - Excellent Red to pair with your diner. Medium in body, it will pair well with just about everything on your table. It's spicy and loaded with black cherry!

2008 Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages - We originally passed on this red wine, but we think it'll go great with Thanksgiving dinner. It boasts a medium body packed with cranberries! Pretty interesting now that I think about it, in the spirit of Thanksgiving anyways!

2009 Hunt Country Vineyards Valvin Muscat - The flavors were bursting with juicy ripe peaches, grassy notes, and slate. The wine had good mouthfeel--dry with a long finish--similar to Dry Riesling. Truly a delightful white wine your guests will love!

2009 Big House White - Refreshing white wine with just enough citrus, honey and spice to go well with your bird and sides! Oh, and you don't need to buy it in a box; it comes in bottle!

2009 Newport Vineyards Select Riesling - Yet another great riesling for Thanksgiving! Again, riesling is a very versatile wine when pairing with food for the holiday. This one in particular makes Rhode Island proud!

2008 Dona Paula Estate Malbec - This red from Argentina will be great for your red-wine drinkers. Its medium body and black cherry flavors serve as a wonderful pairing for Thanksgiving dinner. This is a great wine by itself and could be even better when paired with a meal!

2005 La Vieille Ferme Cotes du Ventoux - Layers of different flavors make this French red wine a wonderful pairing for your turkey dinner. A bit of earth, raspberries, cherries, and herbs make this a great candidate for your pairing!

2009 Le Grand Pinot NoirThe only decent pinot noir that we've found under $20. The flavors are intriguing enough without being overpowering for your meal. It can create a very nice balance with dinner.

2007 Bonterra Vineyards Zinfandel - Spicy, full bodied Zinfandels can pair very well with dinner. It may run the risk of overpowering some of your dishes, but its richness will surely pair well with most recipes.


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