Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2010 Viñalba Malbec (Mendoza)

The nose is great; very nice and vibrant aromas. We smelled some ripe blackberries and spices. Very aromatic!

We tasted some black pepper, lightly toasted oak, and then some very juicy blueberries on the backend. This is a nice young and juicy malbec. It has very good mouthfeel, with bright acidity (very refreshing). The body was medium to full and the finish was decently long. It isn't too complex, but not simple. We found it was a tad alcohol forward, but in the end, its shortcomings were outweighed by its strengths. Very good malbec at an insane price. Definitely get your hands on it if you can. Top Pick!

Body: Medium to full
Approx. Cost: $7.99
Food Pairing: Grilled or BBQ Chicken


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