Want Us to Review Your Wines? 

We would love to! Aside from being an enjoyable exploration of wine, reviewing wines is important to the wine industry. It not only provides feedback for winemakers, but it also helps consumers discover new wines and expand their horizons through the channels of social media and the web. Someone that normally only drinks red wines suddenly finds a white wine robust enough to stand up to their taste. That white-wine-only person begins to enjoy lighter bodied reds! Often times, consumers are too wary about trying new things--something Gimme More Wine sets out to change.
We review wine with PASSION. We normally sample wines individually to ensure a personal, thorough review. Sometimes we incorporate wines into one of our blind tastings, held about twice each month. These reviews are still detailed, but doing this allows us to break down a wine without being skewed by the label. Gimme More Wine will review all samples received. We cannot guarantee a formal review with every sample (a rare occurrence), but we make every effort possible to do so.

A wine review doesn't mean much if no one reads it. In addition to an often-updated website and blog, we embrace social media to spread the word—something proven thus far as very effective. Gimme More Wine has a quickly-growing presence and strong following on Twitter, with around 6000 loyal followers (and climbing!) ranging from winemakers, wine marketing professionals, foodies, and people who just love wine! Facebook serves as another platform on which we communicate with our fans. Our followers look to us for wine tips, honest reviews, and other wine stuff!

When we review your wine, we'll send you a link or copy of our review. If you're on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social-media platform, we encourage promoting our review to increase your coverage even further. Marketing materials and technical specifications sent along with samples help us a great deal when reviewing your wines. Feel free to send us an Email; or find us on Twitter! Cheers!