Friday, May 21, 2010

2008 Trivento Torrontes

Ok, so... Here's yet ANOTHER up-and-coming wine, Torrontes, a white grape from Argentina (Mendoza). Much like Malbec, Trivento is trying to capitalize on this new trend. They've succeeded on their malbec, but I'm not sure they did the same here. This is my first Torrontes, so please take this with a grain of salt (or maybe a few grains). Heavy mineral characteristics (maybe too much), but some peach and melon flavors. It is refreshing and can go good with some seafood on a summer day. I would definitely at least TRY this wine in hopes of building a base for your discovery of Torrontes wines. $9 u can't go wrong for trying it. Alamos Torrontes next (also a very good MALBEC). Anyone on Torrontes wines??


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