Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2007 Seufert Winery Flying Figurehead Syrah

This is an interesting medium bodied syrah from Seufert Winery, a family run business in Oregon. They pride themselves with their Pinot Noirs, but there is something to be said about this syrah.

The aromas are earthy, with traces of mocha, oak, coffee, dark fruit, and moss. Although it's medium in body, there is a great flavor profile in this wine that will please most wine drinkers (white pinot noir-drinkers and cab-drinkers alike). It tastes like cranberries and figs, along with some floral notes. These flavors balance well with its subtle acidity and delicate tannins. The finish is smooth and lingering--very nice! For about $20, this wine offers complexity and a delicious flavor profile! Not a bad combination in our book!

We're preparing to compare and contrast 6 of their pinot noirs soon, so be on the lookout for that! Learn more about Seufert Winery here!


We just wrote about some syrah as well. Your description sounds amazing!

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