Monday, January 31, 2011

2007 Cleavage Creek Tracy Hills Secret Red

We're not sure what their secret is, but it sure is delicious! Take a big whiff of this in the glass--huge amounts of raspberry and vanilla! We thought maybe the flavors wouldn't follow suit, but CC's Secret Red proves otherwise. We tasted those raspberries and vanilla flavors we were hoping for. Medium in body, there is a great balance of delicate tannins and acidity in this wine. It's smooth and creamy, but not flat! We found some very subtle oak underlying the raspberry and vanilla.

If you haven't heard of Cleavage Creek, you should learn more about them. The name itself should strike some curiosity! Cleavage Creek is a winery from California, (this particular wine from their vineyard in the Tracy Hills AVA region). As you might imagine, their name has a story behind it--a reason More Wine has taken such a strong interest recently. Cleavage Creek has dedicated its whole operation to treating Breast Cancer, donating 10% of its gross sales to breast cancer research. So far, they've donated over $70,000 since they began their efforts! It's really a great story. We recommend you read it for yourself here.

This is an excellent wine with some intriguing flavors that most will enjoy! Great stuff for a great cause!! Cheers!


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