Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charity Case Wine 2008 Rosé and 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

100% Napa Valley... 100% for a good cause. The Charity Case Foundation was created by Napa Valley winemakers who truly care. All of the juice and fruit that go into these wines are donated by wineries in the area. Even more, all the services provided to make these wines are volunteered by others. All of the net proceeds from Charity Case Wine sales go to charities and organizations supporting children and families in Napa Valley. Please check out their website here.

2008 Napa Valley Rosé

Really interesting pale dark pink color in the glass. We got watermelon and strawberry Jolly Ranchers on the nose along with a little bit of rhubarb.

This rosé is full of strawberries, reminiscent of Fruit Roll-ups! It isn't very sweet, allowing the fruit notes to pair very well with subtle spice on the back end. Alcohol (14.1%) stands a little tall, but it isn't overwhelming. It does lend to some full body and a long lingering finish. That's really the only reason we couldn't give this a 4/5.

2009 Sauvignon Blanc

Very vibrant and bright yellow gold color in the glass! We got aromas of pears and peaches on the nose--a really nice bouquet!

This sauvignon blanc is very rounded, almost creamy. It lacks a little acidity that one might hope for in a sauvignon blanc, but it does contribute to its smoothness. Alcohol, again, isn't shy in this wine, but it doesn't overpower its other qualities totally. We tasted some really nice flavors of slate, peaches and pears! It paired well with our Chinese food!

Two really great efforts by Charity Case Wines! An even greater effort is their devotion to helping others. I recommend both of these wines, not only because they're decent wines, but because they support a great cause. You can't go wrong for only about $12 a bottle for both wines! Let us know if you've tried these wines! Cheers!

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