Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2009 Colores Del Sol Malbec

A rustic malbec with lots of intriguing aromas that make us want more. I got layers and layers of smells coming out of the glass: blackberries, toasted oak, mushrooms, basement, and a little tobacco. With all these complex aromas, one would expect a HUGE flavor profile, but we can't all be that lucky.

There were hints of oak, earth tones, black cherries, and some floral notes. The body was medium to full, with subtle tannins, and a surprisingly long finish. There are some nice earthy flavors that I get from this wine. On the other hand, there's an imbalance somewhere here, leaving me a little flat.

This may be an excellent candidate for a rustic dish of grilled bone-in thick center cut pork chops with smashed potatoes and grilled mushrooms. We're going to give this a 4/5, only because of its complex flavor/aroma profile. I think it'll interest a lot of people, and could go very well with food. Cheers!


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