Monday, October 25, 2010

2004 Sebastiani Zinfandel

This Dry Creek Valley zin had some really interesting characteristics on the nose that intrigued me. We smelled some dry-erase marker with some really nice herbal notes right off the bat.

Had a nice mouth feel, full body, and fine tuned tannins. Tasted a ton of dark chocolate-covered raspberries and blackberries, along with some subtle oak tones. There was a little bit of heat that went away after being opened for awhile. It went really well with these chocolate truffle style cheesecake balls that we were served for dessert.

At about $23 a bottle, there ARE better values, especially for zinfandel. This is a pretty good effort, though, on Sebastiani's part. I'm torn between a 3/5 and 4/5. You be the judge... though I'd probably tell you to take your money elsewhere, more specifically for a similar full bodied zin reviewed here: Cosentino The Zin


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