Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2008 Undone Pinot Noir

Very pale light cherry in color, this pinot lacks some interest. It is a light-medium bodied wine with flavors of earth, cranberries, along with a pretty decent balance of acidity and tannins. All of these flavors are very one-dimensional and kind of flabby. At about $12, we're going to give this a pass! There are much better values out there. The search continues for an under $15 Pinot Noir! Any recommendations?


Try the 2008 Chilensis Reserva Pinot Noir, Chile. Wild price ranges $9 to $15. Used 1/2 bottle to make Couqu au Vin, drank rest, and wished for more.

Stood up very well in the dish, as well as in the glass! Try some.

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Mark West or Castlerock, both great and about 15 bucks

We will add those to our wines to try list! Thanks Renee and Eileen!

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