Friday, August 20, 2010

2007 Las Rocas Garnacha

We weren't too big on this wine, though it showed some interesting qualities that could really shine through in the right situations. This grenache was medium-full bodied, good tannins, and had some light cherry action, with just the right acidity. It had a little bit of a grassy vegetal taste, which kind of reminded us of immature grapes.

The interesting part of this wine was when I bit into a black peppercorn that I had in my plate, and washed it down with a sip. The marriage of the two caught me by COMPLETE surprise. Seriously, try it--SO good! So, we're only going to give this wine a 3/5, BUT I'd like to give it a revisit with a black pepper encrusted filet mignon. The tinge of acidity cutting the meat, along with the black pepper component of the wine just might be fantastic!! Until next time!


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