Sunday, August 3, 2014

2013 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Sauvignon Blanc

So, we came across some videos Robert Mondavi released that caught our attention! For those of you who like Will Ferrell's humor, you might find them pretty darn funny. RM came out with these videos to poke fun at the sometimes pretentious world of wine. If you're like us, you just want to kick back and enjoy some great vino, not like some of the wine-o snobbery that you occasionally see. These videos are on YouTube and here are a few of our favorites: Mondavi Central Coast VineyardsAging Wine, and Pairing Wine with Food.

Now, onto the wine. We paired these great videos with Mondavi's Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc from their Private Selection wines.

Before we even poured the wine, we got the awesome aromas from the bottle. This is one of the most aromatic Sauv Blancs we've opened. We smelled loads of peaches followed by freshly cut grass and the way a rock smells when it's wet (some describe this as slate, or a mineral aroma). The aroma alone reminded us of the summer!

The aromas led to some great flavors. This California Sauv Blanc reminds me a bit more like a New Zealand SB, where the grassy notes are more pronounced and, in my book, are freaking delicious. Much like other Cali Sauvignon Blancs, it sports some great citrusy apricot.

This is a dry white, with a notable balance of acidity and a surprisingly long finish. This wine is delicious, juicy, and unlike Bert Merlott, so unpretentious. For only about $10, this gets the GMW Top Pick Badge for sure!!

Body: Light-Medium
Approx. Cost: $10
Food Pairing: Grilled white pizza with figs and prosciutto, Paella


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