Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finger Lakes: Dessert Wines

We had the pleasure of being part of Finger Lakes Wine Alliance's virtual tasting recently, and that may have been one of the best ones yet! This time, they featured some of the Finger Lakes region's finest wineries with their sparkling and dessert wines. We have experienced such wonderful wines from this cool-climate wine country—it's a gold mine for mouth watering Rieslings and some deliciously interesting dessert wines. Here are the wines for that night's tasting....

Goose Watch Pinot Noir Brut Sparkling Wine: Holy strawberries! This slightly dry sparkling wine is crisp and light—very refreshing. It has great balance and acidity.

2003 Glenora Brut Methode Chempenoise: It has a faint nose with apples and honey. Its flavor was full of Granny Smith apple, with a creamy smooth mouthfeel. The bubbles were tight, the acidity decent, and it had a good overall balance. We thought it was a touch flat on complexity.

Hedonia Traminette: This is an interesting one. Wine meets limoncello meets dessert! We weren't sure what to make of this wine, but man is it good. Exploding with flavors of honey, citrus, flowers, and lychee, this wine packs a punch. With 20% alcohol, a punch it shall pack!

Thirsty Owl Cabernet Sauvignon Ice Wine: Cab sauv ice wine??? Where do we start with this one? It was by far our favorite and we can't say enough about it. Loaded with sweet raspberry and strawberry jam! It has a little bit of spiced honey to add to its complexity. Its acidic, smooth, and juicy!! You've got to get your hands on a bottle of this remarkable dessert wine.

2011 Standing Stone Vidal Ice Wine: Peaches and honey dominate this wine, with a little pear. We didn't get a great feeling about it, as it was a touch alcohol forward and unbalanced in its flavors. It is still a good effort, but it didn't stand up to the rest.

2012 Wagner Riesling Ice Wine: The Finger Lakes' star grape, Riesling, in ice wine form is fantastic. It is bursting with flavors, floral, honey, peaches, and a little slate! It's got mouth-watering acidity, luscious sweetness, and excellent balance. Smooth, bold, and spicy!


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