Friday, June 7, 2013

Capabunga Wine Bottle Caps

We came across these neat little wine caps recently and discovered they're pretty different than most wine stoppers you'll see. The Capabunga wine cap is a simple, yet well performing, solution to storing your wine once opened.

What Are They?

Capabunga caps are reusable silicone wine caps for storing your wine between pours. Some caps feature clever slogans and designs printed on the top, which we found fun! They also offer solid color caps, but we found the printed caps to be much more appealing. Despite their simple construction, they boast a leak-free design. We'll see about that!

How They Stood Up

We used these little guys to cap our wines throughout the month in different scenarios. The Capabunga caps are not ideal for preserving our red wines, as we prefer to store them on out wine rack and seal them under a vacuum system (like VacuVin) to prevent oxidation of the wine. With white wines, however, we don't have as much of a need for a vacuum seal. Whites do fairly well for 2-3 days capped in the refrigerator, making the Capabunga a perfect storage solution!

You wouldn't think a simple cap would seal so well, but we found it to stop wine left, right, up, down, and all around! LEAK FREE! Another cool thing about it: it stood up in the dishwasher! The print has lasted through at least five washes without any sign of wear.

A pack of 2 Capabunga caps retails for about $8 plus shipping. All of us felt that $8 for two might steer away some buyers (including us), and that a pack of three for the same price would be a better value. All in all, we like the Capabunga, and after a long period review, it gets our thumbs up for performance and our approval! FIVE GLASSES! Learn more and buy them at their website!


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