Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2010 Greystone Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

This California Cabernet has a huge amount strawberries on the nose with a hint of vanilla and cedar chips. The strawberries translate to a juicy flavor, almost like jam. We also got generous amounts of dark chocolate and a nice layer of toasted oak. It's a little fruit forward with a little added spice. We felt it was a little flat and one-dimensional, however it is well balanced, has a decent amount of tannin and a long smooth finish. This cab doesn't achieve a high score, but it does earn our seal of recommendation based on its sub-$10 price-point. It is highly serviceable in a group and most definitely stands up to everyday drinking.

Body: Full
Approx. Cost: $9.97 can be found here at WineChateau
Food Pairing: Bone-in veal chop or Pasta Bolognese


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