Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2007 Aurielle Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

Beautiful deep dark violet color looks like swirling velvet in the glass! Very nice aromatics on this Napa Valley cab: blueberries, spices, currants, a little earthiness, all wrapped tightly with oak. We couldn't stop smelling it!

The flavors were bursting through with blueberries, currants, dark chocolate, tobacco, and even a little bacon fat (yes, bacon fat!). You seem to find a new flavor profile with each sip--exceptional complexity. This cab is robust, full bodied, and has wonderful balance. We thought this would be an awesome pairing for braised short ribs or filet mignon! Although, It could easily be enjoyed on it's own.

Now, here's where wine gets tricky. This retails for $90 per bottle. The high price tag comes from the winery's careful selection of its grapes. Aurielle Vineyards takes great pride in its limited production wines that are crafted with superior quality. We recommend you check out there approach on their website here. If we were to judge solely on tasting, it is an exceptional wine. When comparing price, though, you run the chance of a wine that scores the same at $40. We are confident in giving this what it deserves, which is a top rating. This cabernet displays truly wonderful layers of aromas and flavors, something you rarely get in sub-$30 wines. Cheers! Top Pick!


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