Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NV Hunt Country Vineyards "Hunter's Red"

This red blend from New York is 35% DeChaunac, 33% Seyval Blanc (a white grape), and 32% Corot Noir--all hybrid grape varieties popular in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

Attention to all white wine drinkers with aspirations of broader horizons! Because this wine is blended partially with a white grape varietal, it displays the characteristics of many white wines (higher acidity, lighter body, and a little bit of sweetness) to pair with the stronger character of some red wines!

Let's begin with the aromas. Not typical of white wines, this red blend offers up some wonderful earthy, mossy, basement notes along with some ripe cherries. The mouth-feel is great. Again, not typical of many red wines, the acidity really hits the back of your mouth! It isn't overwhelming by any means--refreshing if anything! It's medium in body with off-dry characteristics (not quite semi-sweet, but almost there). We pick up those earthy notes we picked up on the nose with some figs and black cherries. It follows with a lingering finish. This is a wonderful and interesting wine, as it somehow brings together both worlds of red and white wine seamlessly. We definitely recommend this wine, especially to white wine drinkers who wish to expand their palates! Cheers to Hunt Wines for creating such an interesting wine, something More Wine hasn't seen yet!

By the way, we suspect this wine would pair wonderfully with barbecued ribs! We'll try this in the future to test it out. For about $9 a bottle, you can afford to do the same!


Interesting wine indeed! It is making me curious, I will have to seek this out, I am always into trying new wines. Great Post, thanks

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